Sophie was born in Yorkshire, where she also went to school. Once leaving school, she headed off to South America for a few months before returning to attend university down south to study Business. Once graduated, she bought the business Frimble and let’s say the rest is history!

Sophie bought Frimble in 2012 and turned it into what it is today from working from the kitchen table to touring the country attending shows and events with her latest fabulous collections. She opened her first shop in 2018 in Bedale North Yorkshire, whilst gathering a ever bigger presence online.

Frimble’s brand is renowned for the use of 100% British Tweed woven in mainly Scotland or Yorkshire and a few bright linings can be seen from time to time for an ‘edgy outlook’.

Frimble has never lost it’s vision which was to enable women to feel en-powered with their fashion in the countryside, feeling stylish, elegant and modern. You won’t find any itchy or heavy weight tweeds here.